Russia, St. Petersburg       July 1 – 5, 2010

APM 2010 Advanced Problems in Mechanics

  International Summer School-Conference



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  1. A.V.Abdrashitov, K.P.Zolnikov, S.G.Psakhie. Simulation of dusty plasma shape and structure in ground state at different configuration of confinement.
  2. E.L.Aero, A.N.Bulygin, Yu.V.Pavlov. Functionally invariant solutions of sine-Gordon equation with variable amplitude.
  3. M.A.Antimonov, A.V.Cherkaev, A.B.Freidin. On transformation surfaces construction for phase transitions in deformable solids.
  4. O.V.Antonova, A.I.Borovkov, A.A.Michailov, I. B. Voynov. The method of determination of thrust bearing pad angle in a fluid flow.
  5. R.A.Arutyunyan, K.S.Yakimova. Fatigue fracture of aging elastic viscous materials subjected to cyclic compression.
  6. I.Asonov, I.Berinskiy, J.Ing, A.Krivtsov, S.Le-Zakharov, E.Pavlovskaia, M.Wiercigroch. Brittle fracture of rocks under oblique impact loading.
  7. J.T.Assis, V.I.Monin, S.M.Iglesias. Application of X-ray tensometry for study of superficial stresses with strong gradient.
  8. S.V.Astafurov, E.V.Shilko, V.V.Sergeev, S.G.Psakhie. Investigation of influence of nonequiaxial compression on general features of mechanical response of shearing fault zones.
  9. N.V.Banichuk, S.Yu.Ivanova, E.V.Makeev. Contact Optimization Problems with Uncertainties.
  10. A.Belyaev, D.Indeitsev, V.Polyanskiy, Yu.Yakovlev. Two-continuum models of the dissolved hydrogen influence on strength of materials.
  11. R.Birikh, A.Mizev, M.Denisova. Development and stability of a convective mass transfer induced by local heterogeneity of surface-active substance distribution near a free liquid surface.
  12. V.A.Bogoyavlenskaya, Ig.N.Shardakov. Estimation of surface deformation sensitivity to changes in the characteristic parameters of the volcanic system.
  13. V.Bratov. Numerical implementation of the incubation time fracture criterion.
  14. C.A.Bushueva, K.G.Kostarev. Dynamics of a ferrofluid layer with a stable rupture of the surface.
  15. C.A.Bushueva, M.O.Denisova, K.G.Kostarev, A.V.Shmyrov. Terrestrial modeling of surfactant diffusion through the drop-surrounding fluid interface.
  16. N.Y.Bykov, D.V.Leshchev. Kinetic model of water clusters formation and growth in rarefied gas flows.
  17. M.V.Cherkay. Relay control in noisy vibration systems.
  18. N.V.Chertova, Yu.V.Grinyaev. Waves process in media with defects.
  19. S.A.Chivilikhin. Evolution of free surface of high viscous liquid due to capillary forces.
  20. Yu.A.Chumakov, A.G.Knyazeva. The stressedly-deformed state of porous burner apparatus under different gas filtration combustion regimes.
  21. S.Cresseri, F.Genna. Numerical analysis of thrust on structures for active defense against avalanches.
  22. M.O.Denisova, K.G.Kostarev. The onset of solutocapillary convection in water-alcohol systems.
  23. A.I.Dmitriev, W.Oesterle, H.Kloss. The influence of copper on tribological characteristics of automotive pad-disc interface. Results of nano-scale modeling.
  24. A.A.Dobroskok, A.M.Linkov. Two-stage BEM for effcient solving transient thermo-(poro-) elastic problems.
  25. P.Dyatlova, A.Majorov, V.Lutov. On the problem of interaction between the soft shell and the solid covered by it.
  26. P.Dyatlova, V.Lutov, E.Polyakova. The strain-stressed state of the band winded up on the ridged body.
  27. M.J.Espin, M.A.S.Quintanilla, J.M.Valverde, A.Castellanos. Jamming transition and tensile strength of magnetic stabilized fluidized beds.
  28. S.E.Evlampieva, V.V.Moshev. Role of relaxation in formation of cyclic resistance of elastomeric nanocomposites.
  29. N.K Evstigneev, A.G.Knyazeva. Simulation of intermetallic compound synthesis during solid-phase extrusion through a tapered die.
  30. N.N.Fedorova, I.A.Fedorchenko, M.A.Goldfeld, Yu.V.Zakharova. Supersonic flows in channel of variable cross-section with mass supply.
  31. A.N.Fedorova, M.G.Zeitlin. Quantum mechanics at different scales. Part 1: Resolution of a (quantum) point.
  32. A.N.Fedorova, M.G.Zeitlin. Quantum mechanics at different scales. Part 2: Localization, multiscales and complex quantum patterns.
  33. M.Yu.Filimonov, A.G.Kravets, N.A.Vaganova. Simulation of thermal interaction in a zone of extractive well in permafrost.
  34. A.B.Freidin, D.O.Kucheyeva. The influence of external strains and material parameters on the kinetics of stationary moving interfaces.
  35. O.K.Garishin. Polymer/silicate nanocomposites. Nonlinear elastoplastic model with damage accumulation under deformation.
  36. S.O.Gladkov, S.B.Bogdanova. To the theory of longitudinal magnetic susceptibility in fractal magnets.
  37. A.L.Glazov, K.L.Muratikov. Comparison of thermoelastic stress analysis and photoacoustic microscopy approaches to the problem of residual stress detection.
  38. L.A.Golotina, Ig.N.Shardakov. Investigation of the influence of relaxation transition in the amorphous component of amorphous-crystalline polymer on deformation processes.
  39. V.N.Hakobyan. Contact problem for elastic wedge strengthened by rigid inclusion.
  40. Wm.G.Hoover, C.G.Hoover, F.Uribe. Flexible macroscopic models for dense-fluid shock-waves: partitioning heat and work; delaying stress and heat flux; two-temperature thermal relaxation.
  41. J.S.Hoving, A.V.Metrikine. On the coupling of nonlinear discrete element models with continua in the time domain.
  42. J.Ing, E.Pavlovskaia, M.Wiercigroch, I.Asonov, I.Berinskiy. Particle dynamics to model brittle rocks.
  43. K.S.Ivanov. Vibrational translation due to transversal strain in a Chelomei pendulum-like system.
  44. I.P.Kikot, E.A.Zubova, M.A.Mazo, N.A.Kovaleva, L.I.Manevitch. About constructing the new coarse-grained DNA model.
  45. A.A.Kireenkov. Coulomb law in the generalized differential form in problem about torsion oscillations of the cylindrical rod on the infinite belt.
  46. A.A.Kireenkov, S.V.Semendyaev. The experimental determination of the coeffcients of the coupled two-dimensional model of the combined dry friction.
  47. G.Kitavtsev, B.Wagner. Critical slippage for droplet migration in nanometric liquid films.
  48. A.G.Knyazeva, S.N.Sorokova. Self-similar regimes of solid phase conversions in media of various rheology.
  49. L.A.Komar, S.N.Lebedev. Formation of polymer nanofiber in the gap between filler particles in deformed elastomeric nanocomposites.
  50. Ig.S.Konovalenko, A.I.Dmitriev, A.Yu.Smolin, S.G.Psakhie. Numerical study of the influence of parameters of defects on the strength properties of brittle coating.
  51. Iv.S.Konovalenko, D.S.Kryzhevich, K.P.Zolnikov, S.G.Psakhie. Investigation of structure-phase changing in titanium crystallite under different rate mechanical loading.
  52. M.A.Kovaleva, L.I.Manevitch. Localized and periodic solutions of the Oregonator model of BZ reaction.
  53. N.V.Kozlov, S.V.Subbotin. Vibrational dynamics of a spherical body in a rotating cylinder with liquid.
  54. A.M.Krivtsov. Molecular dynamics study of chemically induced phase transformation.
  55. A.M.Kudarova, A.V.Metrikine. On the use of gradient continua for minimizing the wave reflection at a discrete-continuum interface.
  56. A.M.Kudarova, A.M.Krivtsov. Description of equivalent elastic continuum for graphene lattice.
  57. V.A.Kuzkin. Comment on the calculation of forces for multi-body interatomic potentials.
  58. C.Kroner, H.Altenbach, K.Naumenko, A.Kutschke. Generalised Fractional Elements in Rheological Modelling of Polymer Creep.
  59. T.B.Lavrova. The extent of softening that can be achieved under stable deformation with the Tresca elastic-plastic material.
  60. A.I.Lutsik, A.I.Mizev. Dynamics of a surface subphase formation in a multicomponent surfactant solution.
  61. E.V.Lubimov, A.A.Dyda. Symbolic synthesis of control laws for underwater vehicle and robot manipulator.
  62. O.N.Lyubimova, K.N.Pestov, E.A.Gridasova. Numerical solution of problem fusion penetration metal, when glass welds with metal by diffusion welding.
  63. A.E.Mamontov. On existence and uniqueness of solutions in several boundary-value problems for the Euler equations.
  64. L.I.Manevitch. Limiting phase trajectories and "wave-particle" duality in Classical Physics.
  65. A.V.Manzhirov, S.A.Lychev. Finite deformations of accreted solids.
  66. A.B.Melentyev, Eu.L.Tarunin. Modulation of gravity in problem of free convection.
  67. B.E.Melnikov, A.S.Semenov. Multimodel analysis of elasto-plastic problem under complex loading programs.
  68. M.A.Mikolaychuk, A.G.Knyazeva. Influence mechanisms of strains and stresses to diffusion in loaded plate.
  69. I.A.Morozov, A.L.Svistkov, O.K.Garishin, O.S.Gileva, E.S.Erofeeva. Investigation of the influence of bleaching on human teeth enamel microstructure.
  70. N.F.Morozov, P.E.Tovstik. Volume and surface stability of a transversely isotropic material.
  71. A.Yu.Nikonov, A.I.Dmitriev. Study of the influence of the structure of grain boundaries on their behavior under shear loading.
  72. S.Palis, F.Palis. Mechanical system simulation via automatic differentiation.
  73. D.A.Parshin. The stress-strain state of a cylindrical vault built by using a centering.
  74. M.Perelmuter. Bridged cracks growth criterion.
  75. S.V.Petinov, I.M.Afanasyeva. Fatigue assessment of structures in high-cycle segment: technique and problems.
  76. A.Platonov, V.Vitkov, L.Inieva-Mitusova, N.Serbenyuk, O.Trifonov, V. Yaroshevskiy. A high sensitivity device for measuring bio-electrical impedance of human skin.
  77. M.Podolsky. Direct tensor calculus in the problem of mechanical energy dissipation in fluids.
  78. E.Polyakova, V.Lutov, V.Chaikin. On the problem of soft toroidal shells designing.
  79. A.Polyanskiy, V.Polyanskiy, E.Chernyaeva, Yu.Yakovlev. "SMART Hydrogen" and its determination in micro and nanostructures in materials.
  80. S.Polyanskiy. The Fourier series expansion in the thermal stress problem on rotating work rolls during hot rolling.
  81. I.Yu.Popov, O.A.Rodygina, S.A.Chivilikhin, V.V.Gusarov. Solitons and flow in nanotube.
  82. M.A.Potapenko. Improvement of the dynamic behaviours of the plant with self synchronizing vibroexciters by means of additional degrees of freedom.
  83. E.V.Prozorova. Influence the dispersion in nonequilibrium models for continuous mechanics.
  84. N.V.Roman, A.Yu.Smolin, I.S.Konovalenko, S.G.Psakhie. Influence of porosity percolation on strength and elastic properties of ceramic materials. 3D simulation using movable cellular automata method.
  85. E.I.Ryzhak. Ever-topical questions regarding the "ever-Hookean" material.
  86. S.A.Sazhenkov. Kinetic formulation for the Darcy-Stefan problem on phase transitions in a saturated porous ground.
  87. V.D.Schipitsyn, A.A.Ivanova. Vibrational lift force acting the cylinder in viscous liquid.
  88. E.V.Semenko. The force on aerofoil in steady irrotational flow with immobile point vortex.
  89. V.V.Sergeev, A.Yu.Smolin, S.Yu.Korostelev, S.A.Dobrinin. Modeling tribospectroscopy using movable cellular automata.
  90. V.V.Shadrin, L.A.Komar, G.P.Bashin. Effect of temperature and filler concentration on the dynamic characteristics of polyethylene-based nanocomposites.
  91. M.V.Shamolin. Dynamical systems with various dissipation: background, methods, applications.
  92. D.S.Shepelev, V.V.Smirnov, L.I.Manevich. Energy exchange and transition to localization in asymmetric Fermi-Pasta-Ulam oscilliatory chain.
  93. E.V.Shilko, S.V.Astafurov, A.S.Grigoriev, S.G.Psakhie. Study of features of deformation response of interfacial zones in block-structured medium to low-amplitude dynamic mechanical actions.
  94. N.N.Smirnov, V.F.Nikitin, V.A.Nerchenko, P.Andreini, G.Manzini. Water droplet non-equilibrium interaction with flame zone.
  95. M.N.Smirnova, K.A.Kondrat'ev, A.V.Zvyaguin. Wave formation on free surface on interaction with a body moving under free surface.
  96. A.Yu.Smolin, A.I.Dmitriev, S.A.Dobrynin, E.A.Kolubaev. Time-frequencies analysis of acoustic vibration in friction: comparison of experiment and simulation.
  97. V.S.Sorokin, I.I.Blekhman, V.B.Vasilkov. Motion of an elastic body in fluid under vibration.
  98. S.N.Sorokova, A.G.Knyazeva. The mathematical modeling of conversion regimes in the gasless systems with regard to mechanical process.
  99. K.E.Starkov. Bounds for compact invariant sets of nonlinear systems possessing first integrals with applications to two hamiltonian systems.
  100. V.D.Sulimov, P.M.Shkapov. Hybrid algorithms in computational model updating procedures for hydromechanical systems.
  101. A.L.Svistkov, A.G.Pelevin, A.A.Adamov, B.Lauke, K.W.Stockelhuber, G.Heinrich. Structural-phenomenological model of the mechanical behavior of elastomeric nanocomposites based on styrene butadiene rubber.
  102. A.V.Sylyvonyuk, N.P.Yaroshevich. Experimental research of a run-up process of a vibrating machine with an unbalance excitation.
  103. B.G.Tarasov. Sear rupture mechanism of super-brittleness of hard rocks.
  104. A.A.Tikhonov, K.A.Antipov. Tensor approach for mathematical modeling of geomagnetic field.
  105. P.E.Tovstik, T.P.Tovstik. Two-dimensional models of plates made of an anisotropic material.
  106. E.N.Vilchevskaya, A.B.Freidin. Modeling mechanochemistry of the diffusion controlled chemical reaction front propagation in elastic solids.
  107. A.A.Vjatkin, V.G.Kozlov, R.R.Sabirov. Heat transfer and overcritical convection in rotating horizontal annulus.
  108. Yu.Yakovlev, V.Polyanskiy. The hydrogen material interaction during cyclic mechanical loading.
  109. S.Zavsek, A.V.Dimaki, E.V.Shilko, A.I.Dmitriev, J.Pezdic, S.G.Psakhie. Symbiotic cellular automata method and its application to simulation of the mechanical response of lignite.
  110. E.Zdanchuk, V.Lalin. The theory of continuous medium with free rotation without coupled stresses.
  111. A.F.Arrieta, S.A.Neild, D.J.Wagg, P.Hagedorn. Dynamics of snap-through of bi-stable composite plates.
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